The Pa 6th Legislative District stretches from the shores of Lake Erie through the central portions of Crawford County in the French Creek watershed. Coupling suburban Fairview and the city of Meadville with small towns like Cambridge Springs, Venango, and Saegertown, as well as the farmland of Crawford County, the District encompasses a wide and complex range of issues and individuals.

A sketch of the 6th, including stats and ideas:



Representing the 6th means representing a diverse District that is at once international, coastal, suburban, agricultural, industrial, affluent, and economically challenged. The 6th is not one thing or one issue, is instead many connecting, contributing, and complicating issues.

Leadership here must recognize the integrity of each of the disparate areas of the District, from newer neighborhoods in Fairview, to farmsteads in Crawford County, to post-industrial renewal in Meadville. To move forward, we must recognize how the integrity of this disparate District must together focus on sustainable prosperity that values all of the individuals who live within its borders.

Narrow politics won’t work for a complex district. We need new stories, new vision, and new representation.