We’re into 2021 now, and everything is done and dusted with the political campaign. But everything is not done: join me for the next step in taking charge of a better political future for Northwestern Pennsylvania by subscribing to my new free weekly newsletter over on substack.

I’m thinking of it as the new, mostly-written-word version of my former weekly live videos. I’ll write about the politics of the region, with an emphasis on exposing the politicians who currently hold office but fail to serve us, and with an eye on helping folks be informed voters. We have three state reps who need to go in 2022. And a state senator who needs to go in 2022. And two US Reps who need to go in 2022. I’ll focus mostly on the state-level stuff, to help fill an information vacuum, because goodness knows we see precious little deep, insightful coverage anywhere…which lets these politicians do their thing under cover of darkness and partisan identity. Flying under the radar is their m.o. To which I say, not any more.

I’ll also write about writing, some what-i’m-up-to-posts on my book in progress (a memoir about the 2020 race due out from Belt Publishing in 2022), about cool essays and fiction I read, and about other things that seem to matter in the moment. I hope, y’know, stuff of interest.

Join me, if you would, for this next adventure!


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